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Auto-be Recycled

Last Gasp Eco-Funnies

Two editions were published.
Produced as a public service project as a result of a donation to public television station KQED, San Francisco by Ken Vonhof on behalf of the ADRA (Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers of America).
Auto-be Recycled Reprint Tells at

1st - May 1980
1st edition cover click for detailed view
⇒ No cover price
⇒ 36 pages
⇒ 10k copies
⇒ 7“ x 10” size
⇒ Ken Vonhof inside front cover

2nd - 1981
image not available
⇒ $1.25:?: cover price
⇒ 36 pages
⇒ 10k copies
⇒ 7“ x 10”:?: size
⇒ Something else inside front cover

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