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Children of the Future?

without press info

1st - 1972
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⇒ no DM cover price
⇒ 28 pages
:?: copies
⇒ 29,7 x 21 cm size
⇒ pupirse scan

Reprint J. Osborne Story: Children Of The Future? Slow Death Funnies #01
Reprint Kim Deitch Story: Hole Kloth Comics San Francisco Comic Book #02
Reprint Jay Lynch Story: Nard n' Pat in Vanishing Cream Bijou Funnies #04
Reprint Denis Kitchen Story: The Rescue Mom’s Homemade Comics #01
Reprint Denis Kitchen Story: Slum Tourism Mom’s Homemade Comics #01
Reprint Gilbert Shelton Story: The Maddest Mad Bomber Freak Brothers #01
Reprint Robert Crumb Story: Motor City Motor City Comics #01
Reprint Simon Deitch Story: Last Hit Bogeyman #03
Reprint Robert Crumb Story: Flakey Foont in Smogville Blues Slow Death Funnies #01
Reprint Foolbert Sturgeon Story: A Giant Leap Forward Jesus Meets the Armed Services
Reprint Larry Welz Story: Fillmore Grinchbottom in Snack Time Yellow Dog #15
Reprint Greg Irons Story: Finished Reading? Heavy-Tragi Comix #01

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