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Hammer Komiks #04

Hammer Presse

First Number pubished as Zap Comix #01 German Edition

1st - 197:?:
hammer-komiks-4.jpg click for detailed view
⇒ (1.50) DM cover price
⇒ 44 pages
:?: copies
⇒ 23 x 17 cm size
⇒ German Underground
⇒ pupirse scan

Onepager by Patrick Platt: :?:
Reprint Skip Williamson Story: Class War Comix :?:
Onepager by Patrick % L. Platt: :?:
Reprint Robert Crumb Story: Honeybunch Kaminski, “The Drug-Crazed Runaway” Uneeda Comix
Reprint Skip Williamson Story: Skip Williamson's Psychedelic Comix Bijou Funnies #01
Reprint Gilbert Shelton Story: Wonder Wart-Hog in “Wonder Blows An Easy One” Zap #03
Reprint Robert Crumb Story: Bo Bo Bolinski, He's The No. 1 Human Zero Uneeda Comix
Reprint Greg Irons Story: It Grows Slow Death Funnies #01
Reprint S. Clay Wilson Story: Shitting Pretty Zap #02

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