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Horror Comics

Verlag Klaus Bär

SC Book

1st - 1973
horror-comics.jpg click for detailed view
⇒ no cover price
⇒ 76 pages
:?: copies
⇒ 29,9 x 21 cm size
⇒ German Underground
⇒ pupirse scan

Reprint Dvid Sheridan One-pager : Skull Number Four Skull #04
Reprint Jim Franklin Story: Never Bite Off More Than You Can Chew Armadillo Comics Two
Reprint Jaxon Story: The Hound Skull #04
Reprint Richard Corben Story: The Story of Rowlf Rowlf
Reprint Richard Corben Story: How Howie Made It In The Real World Slow Death #2
Reprint Richard Corben back cover: Rowlf Rowlf

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