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Motor City Comics #2

Rip Off Press

1st - Feb. 17th, 1970
image not available
⇒ $.50 cover price
⇒ 28 pages
⇒ 7”x10“ size
The Rip Off Press logo is by Dave Sheridan. The logo words, “Rip Off Press” don't curve to conform to the logo circle and there is a dot in the center of the “O” of the word “Off”.

2nd - :?:
image not available
There is a Rip Off Press glued on sticker (drawn by Robert Crumb? But has also been reported to be the same as the previous printing by Dave Sheridan.) on the cover which if peeled back reveals a printed black blotch were Dave Sheridan's logo has been printed over. Most copies do not have the logo glued over the black spot nor have glue residue there, so it's assumed most copies didn't have the logo attached.
loose logo sticker.

3rd - :?:
image not available
Robert Crumb's Rip Off Press logo is now printed on the cover. In it the words “Rip Off Press” curve to conform to the circle that they are in, the cover has a glossy finished to it.

4th? - :?:
image not available
Robert Crumb's Rip Off Press logo is printed on the cover. The cover has a matt finished to it.

5th? - :?:
⇒ $0.75 cover price
motorcitycomics2-5thtn.jpg click for detailed view
Published by the Rip Off Press, but produced by Keith Green/Industrial Realities.
:?: scan

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