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Freak Brothers 2


This is just a test template. Feel free to change anything, but please let us know what you did over in the FORUM
Any comment that generally involves all printings.

1st edition
freak bro 2 1st print click for detailed view
Publishing Date:January 1970
Cover Price:$1.25
# of Pages:52
Size:7“ x 10”
Tells:There was only one printing.
:Multiple lines can be added for additional info.
Scan By:Joe Schmuckatelli
2nd edition
I just made this image no detailed view available
Publishing Date:197:?: Question mark icons can be used if any info is unknown
Cover Price:$:?:
# of Pages:52
Size:7“ x 10”:?:
Tells:Whoops! I guess there were two printings.
:Multiple lines can be added for additional info.
:However, as long as you make the line, is as wide as the table is going to be. So I guess it could go pretty wide, eh?
Scan By:Uber-Collector

Inside Back Cover (blue/Freak Bro Ad) - click for detailed view
Paste-up for Inside Back Cover - click for detailed view

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